Add More Social Icons To DIVI

If you are using Divi you will have noticed that not all social prayers appear, if you want to include more than those that appear you will have to make some changes in the configuration. We are add more social icons to Divi.

Add More Social Icons To DIVI step 1

Add Mode Social Icons

The first thing we are going to do is go to our child theme and create, if it does not exist, a folder called “includes”.

Next we will go to our Divi, and we will go to the “Divi/includes” folder, there we will find a file called social_icons.php, copy that file and paste it into the “includes” folder that we just created in our child theme.

Remember that we are doing all this because if we modify that asset directly in Divi, the next update will erase our changes.

Now we are going to open the file social_icons.php and we will see this code.

At the end of this file, just behind , we will put the following code.

Por ejemplo, en este caso estamos aƱadiendo Linkedin

Now you simply have to do the same with all the social networks you want to add. You will have to repeat the same code per side social network, and for all the corresponding icons, copy the following code in the style.css file of your child theme.

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